How do I Clean My HP Printer

How do I Clean My HP Printer

HP Printer maintenance is extremely important if you want to ensure crisp and clear printouts. For businesses and personal users that are frequent printer users, quality and cost-effectiveness are essential. Dust and dried up ink can clog your printer heads to a point that they’re rendered useless. Fortunately, HP provides a built-in cleaning feature that clears your ink cartridges from inside out. This can help you fix uneven streaks, empty spots, fading color, and other ink-related issues.

HP automated cleaning

  1. Click “Start” (Windows icon) → Go to “Settings” → Select “Devices” → Click “Printers and scanners” → Double click on your HP DeskJet printer. Alternatively, double-click the HP DeskJet printer icon on your desktop.
  2. Now, click the “Service printer” tab
  3. Select “Clean the print cartridge”
  4. Click “Clean” to start the cartridge cleaning process
  5. Check the printed test sheet for any anomalies and click “Done” if the print is proper. Otherwise, select “Intermediate cleaning” to start a more thorough cleaning process. If you like the print quality, press “Clean” and end with clicking “Prime”.


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