HP Envy 7120 Wireless Printer Setup

How to install 123 HP Envy 7120 Wireless Printer Setup?

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s almost similar in any installation process of wireless printer setup but it may differ sometimes. Now, coming to 123 Envy 7120 we have to first unwrap all the packaging stuff to bring out the printer. And the rest goes with further steps. Let’s make it easier for you to understand with basic steps that need to be followed for a successful installation process.

Step 1: Take out the printer from the box

  • Bring the printer out of the box and unwrap every tape, stickers from the exterior and the control panel.
  • Lift the lid for the scanner, remove the packaging material from the scanner glass and then close the lid for the scanner.
  • Gently grip the handles on either side of the printer, lift the access door for the ink cartridge until it locks in place, then remove all the tape and wrapping material from the inside of the printer.
  • Close the door to the Ink Cartridge
  • Recycle the products used for packaging.


Step 2: Attach the power code and set preferences

  • Connect the power cord to the printer’s rear and to a power outlet.
  • Switch the printer on.
  • Choose the language and country / region you prefer,and then press Yes.


Step 3: Installation of ink cartridges

  • Open the door to enter the ink cartridge.
  • Before you continue, wait until the carriage is idle and quiet.
  • Remove a packaging ink cartridge. Beware to only tap the back plastic on the ink cartridge.
  • Remove the plastic tape from the ink cartridge.
  • Inject the ink cartridge into the empty slot at a slight upward angle, and then gently push it up on the ink cartridge until it snaps in.The ink cartridge of color goes into the left slot, and the black ink cartridge goes into the right slot.
  • For the other ink cartridge repeat those steps.
  • Close the access door of the ink cartridge.


Step 4: Load paper into the main tray

  • Pull the input tray open, remove the output tray and then remove from the photo tray all the tape and packaging content.
  • Push in the photo tray with the paper tray pulled out.
  • Take out all tape and packing materials from inside the input tray.
  • Slide the guides outward topaper-width.
  • Fill a stack of plain paper until it ends at the back of the tray, then push the page-width guides in until they rest gently against the paper edges.
  • Replace the output tray, and then drive the paper tray back in.

The printer commences the initialization process. During this cycle it is common for the printer to make noises. After the process is complete, a calibration sheet is printed on the printer.

  • Recycle the materials used for packaging.


Step 5: Installation of the printer software

After you have finished setting up the printer hardware, install the print driver or mobile app to connect to your computer, smart phone or tablet. Do not try to connect the printer until guided to during the installation.


There you go! Hope we able to help you J