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123 HP Envy 7643 Printer Setup

Changing from a USB to a Wireless Connection
Finding Drivers, Apps, and Updates for HP Printers
How to Scan (Mac)
How to Scan (Windows)
No Connection after Router or Wi-Fi Settings Change
USB Printer Setup (Windows)
Using the HP Smart App (Android, Apple iOS)
Enrolling in HP Instant Ink
Find Your Wireless WEP, WPA, WPA2 Password
Google Cloud Print Compatible Printers
How to Cancel a Print Job
How to Check Ink or Toner Levels HP Envy 7643 Printer Setup.

Why is my scan cropped or blank?
Settings from a previous scan job might cause unexpected results, such as cropping or blank pages. Before you begin any new scan, make sure you check the scan settings.

How can I improve scan quality?
If the quality of your scan is unacceptable, clean the scanner glass or ADF rollers. If quality does not improve, reset your printer and check your scan settings.

What if I am unable to scan after updating Windows?
If you are unable to scan after updating Windows or upgrading to Windows 10, remove the printer software, and then reinstall the latest driver.

What if I cannot scan from the printer or a connection error displays?
If an error displays when you scan, there might be an issue with the network or USB connection. Go to one of the following documents to troubleshoot the issue.

What other scanning apps or methods can I use?
HP and Microsoft have developed tools and apps to scan from a Windows computer. These apps include the HP Smart app, HP Scan and Capture app, Windows Paint, and the Windows Scan app.

Why is the file size of my scans so large?
Your default scan settings might be set to a higher resolution. Use the resolution and quality settings in the HP Scan software to change the resolution and quality of your scan.