Can HP Printers be Repaired

Can HP Printers be Repaired?

Technical snags are an inevitable part of owning a printer and as unexpected as they are, repairs might not always be the best solution. Although HP dominates nearly half the US printer market, repairs might cost you more than a replacement. Here’s a quick guide to deciding if repairs are really worth your time or money.

Can HP Printers be RepairedMake sure your printer is repairable.

HP provides prompt assistance for mechanical failures, provided your specific printer model is repairable. It is always advisable to choose a model with readily available parts. HP service providers usually do not offer printer repair services for low-end models like the InkJet, DeskJet, and PhotoSmart printers. In fact, a new printer will certainly cost you less than its repair.

Compare cartridge costs

Ink or toner cartridges (especially color) can burn a big hole in your pocket if your current CPP (Cost-Per-Page) is not economical enough. If you’re a business, this can drastically increase operational costs. However, if you already own surplus ink cartridges, it might be in your favor to opt for a repair. Instead of purchasing a new printer, you can compensate for the repair costs by using your old (yet expensive) cartridges.

Your HP printer is out-of-date

HP printers nowadays are packed with features that not only make work more convenient but also quicker. Capabilities like copied document sizing, wi-fi or network connectivity, duplex printing, and memory card compatibility can increase productivity and utility. Instead of repairing an outdated printer, investing in a newer model can entitle you to manufacturer warranties, free services, and of course, cost savings.