Can I print a document at CVS

Can I Print a Document at CVS?

Searching for a way to print on the go? CVS pharmacy provides print and copy services in over 3400 locations worldwide. Just visit your nearest KODAK picture kiosk and get copies or prints of documents ( also in digital format ) within minutes. What makes this even more convenient is that they accept PDF files on USB drives along with physical documents for printing.

Can I print a document at CVS

About CVS

CVS/Pharmacy (commonly stylized from CVS Pharmacy) is the daughter company of CVS Health, American health care, and retail organization. CVS is currently the largest pharmacy chain in the US and boasts of nearly 11,967 retail outlets as of 2020. Apart from selling prescription drugs, CVS also sells a distinct collection of common merchandise. This includes over the counter drugs, cosmetics, processed food, greeting cards along with photo and film development services.

Prints and Copies at your convenience

Kiosk printing is especially convenient when you don’t own a personal printer or you’re away from your office and need to print/copy important documents. Printing at CVS is economical, efficient and quick. CVS produces professional-looking prints/copies in both, black and white and color. You can choose from a single-sided or double-sided printing format depending on your custom needs (college assignment, office reports, etc). For 19 cents (single-side) and 38 cents (double-side) you can get high-quality B&W prints. Similarly, for 99 cents (single-side) and 1.98 cents (double-sided), you get color printouts at a bargain.