Can You Recycle Printers at Walmart
  • By Realprinter fix247
  • / January 29, 2021
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Can You Recycle Printers at Walmart

Yes, Walmart does recycle printers among a range of other electronic devices. Walmart offers this program where members can avail free trade-ins or recycle used devices (working and not working) like smartphones, tablets, printers, e-readers, audio equipment and much more.

Can You Recycle Printers at WalmartWant to know how much value will you get for your electronic device?

Just visit the online trade-in calculator on Walmart’s official website and get a confirmed quote. Walmart also allows its customers to trade their gadgets for gift cards. However, if the device does not have any trade-in value, it will simply be recycled. Specifically speaking of printers and ink-cartridges, Kodak and HP have listed several Walmart stores across the country as an authorized recycling facility.