Canon printers are supposed to be a world-class printing device for the home or office. When Canon printers are connected to your computer via a standard USB cable, good quality prints can be obtained with 100% clarity on the document. However, after a while, you will notice that your printer does not print correctly. Before trying to solve this problem, it is very necessary to determine what is the possible reason for facing Canon Printer Not Printing Color. In this post, we thoroughly describe its real causes and the repair process. So please review the provided information from head to toe and eliminate your problem without any effort.

Reasons Why Canon Printer Not Printing Color :

There can be many unpleasant reasons due to which you generally face Canon printer not printing color error problem. See annotated list:

  • Faulty printer driver running in the system
  • Ink cartridges low or empty
  • Paper jam
  • Improper installation of printer firmware
  • Canon printer setup errors
  • Compatibility issues
  • Due to dusty and faulty print head
  • Use duplicate ink to print
  • Little paper loaded in the printer tray
  • Due to a wireless connectivity problem

Try to fix Canon Printer Not Printing Color. So I suggest you don’t pull your hair if your Canon printer doesn’t print anything or doesn’t print in color. We compiled the most competent troubleshooting instructions in this guide.

Solutions to fix Canon printer not printing in color :

Instructions to eradicate Canon printers that do not print in color in an instant. Take a look at the solutions listed below and try to fix the problem soon:

Method 1: Check Your Ink Cartridge

  • The first and most important thing to do is open the front door of your printer.
  • Then carefully remove the cartridge.
  • Now check the ink level and then replace the empty cartridges with the proper ink
  • After that, put the printer cartridge back to its original position and then print a test page to check whether you get quality prints or not.

Method 2: Update Printer Driver

The printer driver plays an important role in starting printing from your printer device. So once the driver gets out of date, improperly installed, or crashes, the Canon printer is definitely not printing in color. It is very necessary that you update to the latest version first according to your model and operating system. However, you can download the printer driver directly from the official website and then install it correctly on your computer system.

Method 3: Check Color Printing Settings

Make sure you have enabled the color printing option on your Canon printer because if it is not enabled you may not get color printing. To do this, you can follow the steps below to enable the color printing settings section:

  • First, click the “Start” button on your computer.
  • Then open the “Settings” tab
  • Now, click on the “Printers and Scanners” option.
  • Then choose your Canon printer from the available printer lists shown
  • Now, click on the “Properties” tab
  • Then check if you have enabled the color printing option or not. If not, please enable it first
  • Now start printing a test page.

Method 4: Restart Your Printer

Resetting your Canon printer can be helpful in solving many technical problems. Therefore, if the Canon printer does not print in color, please restart your printing machine immediately. You can do a test print to check whether the problem is resolved or not.