set up the Offline Printer to Online

How Do I Get Your Printer Back Online?

Again and again, when you want to print a document, select “Print” and select your favourite HP printer, but nothing happens. Look at the printer menu and you will see the message “Printer Offline” appears. With some controls and simple steps, you can put your printer back online very easily and quickly.

Check the Printer Physical Connection :

This may be due to a Connection error between your device or computer and the HP printer.
Sometimes it’s as simple as that your cable is not connected to a simple error of a paper jam.

However, an HP printer that appears as an “Offline” error may also have problems with the driver or software of your HP printer. This may depend on the age of your HP printer or when you have installed the driver updates or not.

Check the Printer Physical Connection
The Printer Physical Connection
  1. Try a different cable, as your cable may be defective or damaged.
  2. You can also manually configure your HP printer to connect.
  3. If there is any pending print job inside your printer, then the printer will be disconnected. Therefore, remove
  4. all pending print jobs with care.
  5. Sometimes, by simply deleting and reinstalling your HP printer from your computer, you can also eliminate the problem offline.
  6. If this does not work, remove the packages and drivers from the printer. After that, reinstall them correctly to see if your printer is online or not.
  7. Make sure all network connections are working properly and restart the printer and the computer.
  8. The printer starts in safe mode and waits for all pending jobs to be printed and then starts printing. However,
  9. printing in secure mode is a temporary solution, you have to find a permanent to continue printing.

How to set up the Offline Printer to “Online” Manually :

  • Open the “Start menu” and Click on “Control Panel “>> Select the “Hardware and Sound”. Click on the “Printers and Faxes” icon. This will open a window with a list of the printers currently configured on your computer.
  • Double-click on the icon of the printer which you want to change to online. A pop-up window will appear that details all current print jobs.
  • Go to “Printer” in the pop-up menu bar and uncheck “Use the printer offline”. This action will turn printers from online to offline.

set up the Offline Printer to Online

Even after trying these simple troubleshooting steps, if the HP printer says offline, you may need a personal guide from someone with a knowledgeable person to solve this problem. To establish relationships with technical people, you can dial a toll-free number from the comfort of your home. Of course, after obtaining your help, all your questions will be resolved efficiently. Get Solution with HP Printer Assistant for help and support.

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