Why ink cartridges on Epson printer won’t get recognized?

A common problem with the Epson printer is “The Epson printer does not recognize the ink cartridge.” The problem can be caused by various reasons, such as if the cartridge is running out of ink, the cartridges are not installed correctly, or due to a problem with the printer drivers. No matter what is causing the Epson printer not to recognize the ink cartridge problem in your printer, the result will be the same, that is, your printer will not print. To get your Epson printer working again, you need to find out the exact cause of the problem and then work on its solution. In case you cannot find the reason for the error, you will have to try more than a couple of troubleshooting methods to repair your printer.


1. Clean The Contact Chip On Each Of The Cartridges

The error “Cannot recognize ink cartridges” can also be caused by dirty cartridge chips. Therefore, remove the cartridge that is not recognized and place it on a flat surface. Then wipe the cartridge metal contact chip with a dry cloth to clean it. Thereafter, reinstall the cartridge.


2. Reset the Printer and Reinsert the Ink Cartridge

  • The error “Cannot recognize ink cartridges” occurs when the cartridges are not fully inserted, so reinserting the cartridges may solve the problem. First, turn on the printer and remove the ink cartridges.
  • Then turn off the printer and unplug it for a few minutes to restart it.
  • Plug the printer back in and turn it on.
  • Thereafter, refer to the ink cartridge installation guidelines in the printer manual. Insert the cartridges into the printer exactly as described in the manual and make sure they are fully inserted.

3. Open the Printer Troubleshooter :

  • The Windows 10 Printer Troubleshooter can be helpful in resolving the “Cannot recognize ink cartridges” error. Users can run that troubleshooter by pressing Windows key + S hotkey.
  • Enter “troubleshooter” as the keyword in the search box.
  • Then click Troubleshoot setup issues to open the Settings tab shown below.
  • Select Printer and click Run the troubleshooter.
  • Then select the printer model to troubleshoot, click Next, and go through the suggested resolutions.

How to reset the Epson printer memory:

  • Remove your new cartridge and replace it with the old one. Leave your printer and go and do something else for 10 minutes.
  • Replace the old cartridge with the new one again. These two steps alone often resolve the issue, so see if your printer now recognises your new cartridges. However, if you’re still having trouble…
  • Remove the new cartridge. Make sure you place it in a clean and safe place where the cartridge or the surface won’t be damaged.
  • Turn the printer off using its power button
  • Unplug your printer at the wall. It’s important to do both steps 4 and 5 separately, as some printers can remain in sleep mode if you’ve only switched off the power button on the printer control panel. Leave your printer like this for about 10 minutes or so.
  • Plug your printer back in at the wall (but don’t press the power button just yet)
  • Insert your new cartridge
  • Press the power button on your printer