What Reason Epson Printer Error Code 0x9A?

However, there are times when you can face some errors with your Epson printers which is not an issue as long as you can fix them. You can also reach Epson Support for immediate assistance and let them fix your printer. In this blog, we are going to talk about one such Epson printer error i.e. Epson Error Code 0x9A. The error can be caused due to various reasons but majorly it happens because of fault in the printer cartridge. If you are someone experiencing Epson Error Code 0x9A then you need to go through this guide and make your Printer machine work fine like before once again.

Why Epson Printer Error Code 0x9A?

Most of the time, Epson error code 0x9A occurs due to a printer cartridge failure. However, that is not the only reason that can cause this error. There are several other causes of Epson error code 0x9A, for example when the paper tray is blocked due to debris or pieces of paper, or the encoder strip is dislocated or the rails are damaged. In some rare cases, the error can also occur due to hardware defects such as the printer belt or gear, the print head, or the faulty carriage driver motor. In such cases, you have no choice but to enlist the help of Epson’s technical support professionals. However, we suggest that you first try the following methods to fix Epson error code 0x9A.

Follow the Methods to Troubleshoot Epson Error Code 0x9A

Now that you know what the possible causes of the Epson 0x9A error code are and what exactly it is, you can work on your solution. If you’re in a rush and want to get your printer repaired right away, you can also ask our printer experts and let them do it for you. Otherwise, you can follow the steps below to fix Epson’s error code 0x9A on your own.

1. Let’s Start With Cleaning the Printer :

  • First, you must cancel all the print jobs in the queue on your PC.
  • After canceling print jobs, open the top cover of your Epson printer.
  • Take a look at the printer and remove any dirt, debris, scraps of paper, paper pins, staple pins, or anything else.
  • Once you’re done cleaning up the dirt, press the Start button on your printer and try printing something.
  • If your printer continues to display Epson error code 0x9A, continue with the following steps and follow them until the problem is resolved.
  • Press the Power button to turn it off, and then open the scanner unit.
  • Remove the jammed paper or pieces of paper that are jammed.
  • Now close the scanner unit and turn on the printer with the power button.
  • Load new papers into the printer. If you don’t know the procedure, follow the paper loading instructions on your screen.
  • To check if your problem is solved or not, print a test page. If the printer still displays the Epson error code 0x9A, continue with the next method.

2. Check Whether the Carriage Is Moving or Not

You need to open the top cover of your Epson printer and check the carriage. If it moves automatically, close the lid and follow the next method. However, if it doesn’t move, you should first try to move it manually. If that doesn’t work, remove the dirt from the printer compartment by blowing some compressed air inside.

After cleaning the dirt from the carriage, close the lid and turn on the printer. Try printing a test page and see if the Epson 0x9A error code still appears.

3. Inspect and Clean the Encoder Strip

One of the causes of Epson error code 0x9A is dirty encoder strips. It is a strip of plastic on the printer carriage that helps to read its speed and position. Sometimes when it’s dirty, you can have problems with your Epson printer that can be fixed simply by cleaning the encoder strip.

Here’s how you can clean the encoder strip on your Epson printer without help.

  • First of all, you need to turn off the printer and then open the top cover.
  • Take some ink cleaning solution and soak in a cotton cloth.
  • Move the encoder strip to the left and wipe it with the cotton cloth gently.
  • Wipe off any excess ink from the strip but leave the sections covered by the print head.
  • Take care when cleaning the encoder strip so that the solution does not get into the printer. If you do drop a little solution on the printer, wipe it off immediately with a dry cloth.

4. Reset Your Epson Printer Machine

If you are unable to fix Epson Printer Error Code 0x9A after trying all the above methods, then this is something you can try at last. Resetting the printer solved many of the complicated printer errors and problems. However, if you are still unable to use your printer without any errors, you should contact Epson Support before it is too late.

  • First, you must turn off the printer and unplug it from the main power source.
  • Leave your printer off for at least five minutes.
  • You must press the power button for one minute to drain the residual power from the printer. Do not release the button until your printer is completely off.
  • Once done, turn your printer on again by connecting it to the power source and then pressing the power button.
  • When your printer turns on, you will see a “FW Update Mode” message on your screen.
  • Select Update Devices and click on the Firmware option.
  • Now click the Update button to start the update.
  • After the update is complete, click Done.
  • Now click OK to turn off your printer.
  • Go back to the main menu and try printing a test page to see if the Epson 0x9A error code still appears.