Epson Printer Blinking Lights Error

How Do I Quick-Fix Epson Printer Blinking Lights Error?

The printing machine has been launched by several brands but among all Epson Printers are the most reliable and cost-effective device. However, the Epson printer also provides incredible quality printouts until and unless it identifies the error. There are thousands of Epson printer users across the world who have reported that the device is showing Epson Printer Blinking Lights Error all of sudden. If you are also facing the same problem and looking for a solution to fix it soon, then you land on the right page.

What is the Reason Epson Printer Blinking Lights Error?

Several factors are responsible for the Epson printer blinking lights error. See the list of top possible reasons below:

  • When the Epson printer ink cartridge is low or empty.
  • Most likely, there is paper jammed inside the printer.
  • There may be no papers in the paper tray.
  • Not being connected could also cause a blinking printer lights error.

Type of Flash Lights Error in Printer :-

1. Address The Lights Flashing on Your Printer:

The printer lights indicate the status of the printer and the color of the flashing lights shows what type of error it is and why it appears. These lights may be on, off, or blinking, depending on the status of the printer. So, whenever you are faced with an Epson printer blinking lights error, you need to address the blinking lights indicated on your printer first. Once the problems are corrected, you can reconnect the power and observe any other flashing light indicators.

2. Red Light Is ON But Green Light Flashes: –

When this actually happens with your printing device, it means the printer is running out of paper. Therefore, to resume printing, you must load the stack of A-4 size plain white paper in the print tray.

3. Both Red and Green Light Flashes: 

When the red and green lights are flashing on your printer, it means the paper is jammed in your Epson printer. In this case, you will be prompted to eject and reload the paper to continue the printing process.

4. The Green Light ON And Red Light Flashing: 

When you see that the green light is on and the red light starts flashing on your printer, this indicates that one of the ink cartridges in your Epson printer is about to run out. It also recommends that you check the ink supply in your printer.

5. Both Red Light For Ink and Paper Out Keeps Flashing: 

When the red ink light and out of paper blink on the printer, this error occurs due to a clogged print head. Print head movement is blocked due to any foreign objects or jammed paper. Please delete it soon, as this will help to resume printing.

6. Both Red Lights Flashes Alternatively: 

When it is actually happening with your printer, this specific error indicates that your Epson printer is suffering from an internal error. Usually you can encounter such troublesome error when printing many documents simultaneously. Therefore, the continuous printing session leads to this error. If you want instant quality assistance to solve it effortlessly, don’t hesitate to get reliable and affordable Epson support. Apart from this, you can continue reading the article. Here you will find an effective guide.

Solutions To Fix Epson Printer Blinking Lights Error :

Try the fruitful solutions mentioned below to fix your problem in no time. The following stated steps will surely help you to eradicate the blinking lights error. So please check one by one accordingly:

  • Remove the waste ink tank from your Epson printer.
  • Now re-insert the tank very carefully without damaging any parts.
  • In the end, it is suggested to reset Epson printers ink waste by simply downloading and using a suitable tool.
  • Readjust The Paper in the Print Slot:  
    • Keep proper placement for the density of the paper in the slot.
  • Clear Jammed Paper:
    • Check for jammed paper in your printer, and if there is any, lightly remove the jammed paper.
  • Install Ink:
    • Obtain an alternative ink cartridge for Photo Black (T0341), Magenta (T0343), Cyan (T0342), Yellow (T0344), Light Magenta (T0346), Light Cyan (T0345), Light Black (T0347), or Matte Black (T0348 )). For more information on which cartridge is empty or low on ink, examine the blinking ink light that represents the ink cartridge. Then refill the original ink or install the ink cartridges correctly to start printing again.

Obtain 24/7 Online Epson Assistant For One-Stop Solution:

We hope that the information above will help you solve the Epson Printer Blinker error. But if not, don’t panic! To use our service, all you need to do is call the 24 × 7 online support number. One of our professionals will help you immediately so that you can solve it in a blink of an eye.