If you want Quick Solutions to correct the Epson Printer Error Code 0x10, follow these steps. This is the easiest step you can do on your own.

Several users have testified about Epson Printer Error Code 0x10 while operating their Epson printer. This error code can occur due to various reasons. The Epson Printer Error 0x10 indicates that the printer’s scanner is faulty. In the case of an older printer, electrical surges or wear and tear from continuous use can cause this problem. Therefore, you need to know the source of this error so that you do not face the same error again in the future. If you need technical help, contact Epson technical support. The experts will help you in your problem.

Epson Error Code 0x10 Sources
Take a quick look at the possible causes of this error code.

  • Some particles can get stuck inside the printer and cause this error. As a result, it hampers the scanning mechanism.
  • Scan head assembly congestion or logic board failure can also cause this error code.
  • In certain cases, a kernel or hardware defect may be the actual cause of Epson’s error code 0x10.
  • The scan may fail due to a faulty scanner and this error code appears as a result.
  • Mismatched or corrupted printer drivers are other reasons for this problem.
  • When you have an idea about the possible causes of this error, move on to the respective solutions.

Methods To Fix Epson Error Code 0x10

Follow the methods mentioned below and try them to solve this problem.

Do a physical check of the printer

At first, lift the scanner lid and look for any pieces of paper, dust, or other things. If you get any undesirable particles, remove them carefully. Otherwise, it can cause fatal effects on your printer’s scanner. After that, restart your printer and if you persist in getting this error code, you need to restart the printer.

Restart the printer

Disconnect the Epson printer from the power source and wait a moment. Press and hold the power button on your printer for at least one minute. After that, reconnect the printer to the power source. Then restart the printer and try to scan a document. If the scan is not proper, it appears that you have not fixed the Epson Scanner Error Code 0x10.

Change the printer driver

If this error occurs due to a faulty or mismatched printer driver, then it is better to change the printer driver.

  • To change the driver, turn on the computer and the printer.
  • Turn on your computer and automatically download the driver software.
  • Find your Windows installation settings and then choose the “Change device installation settings” option.
  • Press the “Yes” button and save the changes.
  • Connect your printer to the computer and let Windows find a compatible driver.
  • If Windows obtains such a driver, it will automatically download and install it on your computer.
  • Internal or hardware defect

There are several tools available on the Internet to solve internal or hardware problems. You can download them and use them to resolve Epson error code 0x10. But if you are unsure of the reliability of these tools, you can ask our Epson technical experts for help.