Let’s Know how to fix Printer Cartridge Error :-

Printers strongly suggest that customers only use approved roller units, as well as toner cartridges. Each printer is designed to operate at pre-determined temperatures and is precisely coordinated for each of our toner plans. Each part is individually designed to work with each other to ensure quality and reliability.

The cartridge error message indicates that the toner cartridge was not delivered correctly. To confirm any ink that was not presented correctly, it would be ideal if you read the presentation on the device. For example, the Monitor will show “Cartridge error. Re-insert the black toner cartridge (K).” If the toner shown is displayed, it would be ideal if you followed the methods listed below to identify the problem.

Follow the Steps fix Printer Cartridge Error

  • Lift the top of the printer with the handle in the center until you hear the tick.
  • Remove the drum unit and toner cartridge to view the ink on the LCD screen. Each drum unit and toner collected together can be emptied by placing a handle at the cylinder focal point, putting the ink together and pulling it up. Place the drum unit and toner cartridges on a disposable piece of paper or cloth to avoid spillage and splashing of ink.
  • Press the green mark lock switch and remove the toner cartridge from the drum unit.
  • Reinstall the toner cartridge again in the drum unit. Shake the ink cartridge from side to side before reinstalling it. Make sure the toner cartridge is loaded correctly. When the ink moves in the drum unit, you will hear a small click when the ink is inserted. Repeat this for all ink cartridges.
  • Replace the drum unit and toner cartridge in the machine by moving it in the right slot, and coordinating the toner cartridge shading with a similar slot mark on the machine.
  • Close the top of the device. You will hear a thunder click when the top accessory is closed securely.
  • If the interface returns to the main screen without the cartridge error display, the problem is resolved.

These are the steps that correct the cartridge error. In case you have any kind of problem, do not hesitate and contact our assistant team executive.

Instant Support for other Common Printer Issues :

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