The literal meaning of Ghosting is a shadowy image on a surface. The term ghosting in printing and monitors usually

means that there is a defect in the device. Whenever you see the print job with a shadowy image of very low intensity at any location on the printed paper, then this is the ghosting in a printer. Both these types of ghosting will cause unnecessary wastage of ink and printed papers. And the ghosting on monitors is quite irritating. However, these are not irreparable.

Ghosting in Printing

A balance printing deformity portrayed by the presence of blackout reproductions of printed pictures in bothersome spots, created in one of two different ways. Mechanical ghosting is described by the presence of an “apparition” picture on the printed side of the sheet; it shows up amid printing and is effectively noticeable in the conveyance plate. It tends to be caused by such things as ink starvation, as intensely inked territories on the plate aren’t in every case satisfactorily relinked by the shape-roller, or by wrong breadth frame rollers. Compound ghosting, likewise called sparkle ghosting or seething ghosting, is portrayed by an “apparition” picture on the turnaround side of a sheet starting from the sheet underneath it (not caused by ink setoff), and ordinarily results from an ink responding with and modifying the drying of the ink on the sheet over it. (See Mechanical Ghosting and Chemical Ghosting.) Ghosting can likewise allude to a swoon multiplication of a picture without real ink exchange.


Ghosting is likewise a substitute term for a flexographic printing issue all the more normally known as mechanical pin holing. The term ghosting additionally depicts a deformity of screen printing, portrayed by a swoon multiplication of the printed picture past the edges of the stencil, caused by an inappropriately tensioned screen texture which, following a squeegee stroke, sneaks toward the stroke. Ghosting in screen printing likewise alludes to the multiplication of a printed picture on the turnaround of the substrate lying to finish everything in the event that it, caused by ink set-off HP printer Support.


Ghosting Solutions

Storage and cleaning

The conditions in which you store your printer can affect the nature of the parts inside it. For the most part, you should keep the machine in a dry room. This is on the grounds that mugginess can influence the toner powder and cause it to the cluster, which can possibly cause printer ghosting. You should likewise clean your printer frequently to keep the odds of the printer not working legitimately. Guarantee that abundance dust around the machine is evacuated and if the machine offers the choice to run a cleaning cycle, do this now and again to guarantee that overabundance toner powder doesn’t adhere to the drum unit.

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Paper variety

The paper that you’re utilizing inside your printer can likewise be the purpose behind ghosting.  Watch that you’re utilizing printer suited for the kind of printer that you’re running and if utilizing thicker paper, alter the settings on your machine to guarantee that the nature of your report isn’t contrarily affected.

Drum unit

The drum unit is another territory that can impact printer ghosting and is the segment of a printer that exchanges toner particles onto the pages. Initially, find the drum unit of your printer by alluding to the makers’ handbook. On the off chance that you presume that the unit has achieved the finish of its usable life, think about supplanting it to settle the issue. Be that as it may, if the drum unit is genuinely new and is incorporated with the toner cartridge, the toner itself may be professionally repaired.

Fuser unit

Since the most widely recognized purpose behind printer ghosting is an issue with the fuser unit’s temperature control, you might need to think about this component when endeavoring to repair it. Contingent upon the settings of your printer, you might have the capacity to change the temperature of your fuser unit by alluding to the producers’ handbook. In the event that this isn’t conceivable, you may need the printer professionally repaired and have the fuser unit supplanted with another one.

As should be obvious, a printer that hints at printing ghosted reports can be anticipated by dealing with your machine and putting away it adequately. For further queries contact HP Technical support.