How can i batch print PDF files

The best part about using the PDF format is that it preserves original formatting attributes and protects your documents from unwanted modifications. This is why businesses still prefer storing their completed documents as PDFs. However, there comes a time when all your tax return statements and quarterly reports need printing all at once. Instead of individually printing each PDF, you can use built-in shortcuts to streamline your task. Here’s how you can batch print up to 15 PDFs at a single time.

Batch print PDFs using Windows

  1. Select all the PDFs you want to print and add them to one folder.
  2. Now, press “Ctrl+A” to select all the PDFs in that folder.
  3. Once the files are highlighted, right-click and select “Print”.
  4. Save the PDF file using a new name and your documents will start printing instantly.

Batch printing using Adobe

  1. Open the latest version of Adobe Acrobat
  2. Click on “Advanced” then select “Document Processing”
  3. Select “batch processing”
  4. Once the “batch Sequence” window opens, choose “Print All” and click on “Run Sequence”
  5. Next, confirm the Run Sequence by clicking “OK”
  6. Now, open the folder containing your PDF files and select the files for printing.
  7. Press “Select” to start the printing right-away.