How do I find My Printer Name

Printers come with different configurations and specifications that are sometimes indicated in their name itself. Knowing your printer name or model is important when you want to order ink cartridges or find support. Listed are the type of identification labels used by HP.

  1. How do I find My Printer NameSeries name– This describes a range of similar printers. For instance, the HP Colour LaserJet 5000 Printer series which includes the HP Colour LaserJet 5500 printer and the HP Colour LaserJet 5550 Printer.
  2. Product name– Also known as model number, it is used to identify the printer’s brand name. This can be found on the printer itself or you can find it on an HP device like this:


.1. Hold down Ctrl and Alt keys and press S

  1. This should open the Support information window. Here you can find the Product name on the top of the list.