How do I get My Printer to Print Darker
14 Dec

How do I get My Printer to Print Darker

Businesses and enterprises heavily rely on printers since printed notices, memos and contracts are an essential part of operations. Faded printouts can compromise the quality of important documents and is a cue for you to carry out maintenance.

May it be an inkJet or a Laser printer, there are various reasons why your device is not printing dark enough. Usually, faded/light printouts are a result of the low toner density of your cartridge. unoptimized printer settings or simply, low ink/toner levels. Let’s look at each issue in some detail

  1. Low Toner Density- This is a check for Laser printers that use toner cartridges. Many a time, your PC/laptop will fail to detect low toner levels. When this happens, remove the cartridge from the printer and shake it well before putting it back in. If the light printout problem still persists, it is probably time to switch to a fresh toner cartridge or follow step. 2.
  2. Change printout quality and toner density- With laser printers, you can change printing preferences or printer properties to produce darker printouts. Firstly, open devices from the control panel, then, right-click on your printer icon and select properties. Here, you can change the “Print quality” by incrementing the amount of toner that goes on the paper. This should most likely allow you to manage how dark your printouts come out.
  3. Change ink volume- As far as inkjet printers are concerned, you can adjust the ink volume to produce darker prints. Just open the “Advanced features” tab from your printer properties controls and use the ink volume slider to control the darkness of print jobs How do I get My Printer to Print.
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