How do I Install Printer Drivers

How do I Install Printer Drivers

First Go to the HP Printer Driver Official site to Download Your Printer Driver HP Printer Driver.

Step 1: Configure Windows Update to automatically download the driver

  • Open the installation configuration of your Windows device and make sure that your computer is automatically configured to download the driver.
  • Search Windows for the installation of the change device and then click Control to change the device installation settings
  • Configure a panel in the results list.
  • The Device installation configuration window is displayed.
  • Select the option Yes, and then click Save changes

Step 2: Connect the printer to the computer

  • Connect the printer to the computer using a USB cable or a LAN so that Windows can detect the printer while the print driver is installed.
  • USB connection to your computer
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection to the network.
  • Connection by cable to your network

Step 3: Install the print driver by using the Add Printer Wizard

Select the printer connection type and use the Windows Add a Printer Wizard to install the integrated print driver.

Wireless or wired network connection (Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, Vista)
USB connection
(Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, Vista)

Step 4: Print and scan a document

  • Try to print and scan, depending on your printer functionality, to make sure that your printer is working.
  • If you can print and scan, the driver installed.
  • If you cannot print and scan, continue to the frequently asked questions for troubleshooting tips and for information on how to use the driver.