How to Change Default Printer Settings

Printing from your computer can be customized quite a bit. Printer settings like printing speed, brightness/darkness, orientation, paper sizes can be personalized to your individual needs. This is very useful when you want to print certain batches with particular metrics. For example, printing a PowerPoint presentation in landscape mode or printing documents in lighter ink (to extend the cartridge life of course)

How to Change Default Printer SettingsDriver defaults can be changed with the steps given below.


  1. Click the “Windows icon” and select “Settings” (gear icon)
  2. Now, click on “Printers and scanners”
  3. This should show you a list of available printers. Right-click on your printer name and choose “Printing Preferences”
  4. Here, you can change the settings


To apply default settings to a host of printers connected to a network, follow these steps

  1. Click “Windows icon”“Settings”“Printers and Scanners”
  2. Find your printer name, right-click and select “Properties”
  3. Select the “Advanced” tab
  4. Click on “Printing defaults” and change the settings.

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