How to fix Brother Printer Error 46

Fix Brother Printer Error 46 :

Error 46 in the Brothers printer indicates that the ink absorber pad is filled with useless ink in the printer and needs to be replaced. The absorber is designed to carry enough ink throughout the expected life of the printer. But sometimes this is accomplished by how often the print head is cleaned. The system will automatically send error 46 to prevent more severe damage to your printer. Learn more about this – How to fix Brother Printer Error 46?

If your printer manufacturing warranty has expired, you need a technician to eliminate this error from the printer. But don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Procedure to fix Brother Printer Error 46:

Follow each step carefully to fix your Brother Printer Error 46 on your own without any trouble. First of all see if your printer is related to any of the models above. The “Copy 1” message may appear in the control panel as the printer name may be changed. In many cases, this estimate is exaggerated and there is still room for more useless ink in the tank. The printer can be brought back to life by manual reset.

  1. Simply turn on the machine.
  2. Press the SET / OK button
  3. Press the menu button.
  4. Press the Mono Start button.
  5. Press the up arrow key four times.
    You need to press the above button in quick succession. If you have done it correctly then the word ‘maintenance’ should appear on the performance of your system.
  6. Select the number 8 using the up / down arrow keys and then press SET / OK.
  7. Select the number 0 using the up / down arrow keys and then press SET / OK.
  8. Either press the mono start button repeatedly or use the up / down arrow to move to the purse option.
  9. When PURGE appears on the screen, use the up / down arrow and the SET / OK key to enter the numbers 2, 7, 8, 3 on the screen.
  10. The number displayed after PURGE should now be read. Press the Stop / Exit key to return to the Main Maintenance Mode menu.
  11. Exit 9 and then 9 then Maintenance Mode using the Up / Down and Set / OK keys.

By following these steps you can easily fix your Brother Printer Error 46 calling our engineers Share with us whether this information proves useful to you .