Depending upon the operating systems you are using, there can be many reasons that your system does not start properly or boot and it shows a blue color screen while it is operating.

If you are also facing the same kind of problem with your HP laptop support or computer where it displays a blue screen at the time of booting, you will be able to guess some general issues related to this problem. We are going to provide you some troubleshooting techniques in this article. You should note here, some techniques may differ depending on which version of the Windows operating system you are using.


Please follow these instructions to fix a blue screen error on your laptop or computer.

  1. Execute the hard reset: executing the hard reset is always the first procedure when your laptop does not boot properly.
  • Switch off your laptop
  • remove your system if it is connected to any docking station
  • you should unplug the AC adapter
  • you should remove the battery for safer side
  • now to completely shut it off, press and hold the power button for almost 15 seconds to exhaust any residual charge from capacitors that you can save your ram.
  • Now, again place your battery on its compartment, and replug the AC adapter.
  • Switch on your computer
  • you should choose ‘start windows normally’ and turn on your laptop.
  1. perform the following instructions if you are using a desktop computer:
  • Switch off your computer
  • when the power is off, unplug all the wires from the socket of your computer.
  • Now, press and hold the power button on your computer for a minimum of 5 seconds. The indicator may show up for a fraction o second and then go.
  • Reconnect all the wires and switch on your computer.


  1. you should disable the automatic restart to view the respective error message:

many times the computer shows the specific error that is causing the problem before completely shutting down and if your settings do not allow to view that specific error in case of automatic restart then you won’t be able to perform correctly fixing procedure. In your windows operating system, you can certainly prevent this mishappening of automatic restart so that you can clearly view what exactly the error is on your blue screen. Please follow these steps to disable automatic restart on your computer:


  1. instructions when you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8 and your operating systems starts normally
  • open ‘View advanced system settings’
  • go to Advanced tab, under Startup and Recovery, select Settings.
  • In System Failure, remove the checkmark next to Automatically restart, then select OK.
  • Restart your computer.
  1. instructions when you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8 and your operating systems cannot start normally
  • Turn off the computer and wait at least five seconds with the computer in a full off state.
  • Now, switch on your system and keep pressing the F11 key to see the loading screen
  • you may need to select the language you want to use if you see a screen prompting language to use so that you can continue ahead.
  •  Now, you will need to choose your keyboard type. Choose the layout which matches yours.
  • Now, you will be prompted to ‘choose an option’. Select ‘troubleshoot’
  • Select Advanced options, then select command prompt
  • on the Command Prompt window, type ‘which reconverts set AutoReboot = False, then hit Enter.
  • Close this command prompt window
  • now, again, you will be asked to ‘Choose an option menu, choose to Continue so that you can boot normally.
  1. if you know the exact error, you can fix it according to that as well. We are providing you the list of most common error messages that you may see in your blue color screen, but you need to remember, your error may be not the same HP Computer Support

 There may be some error messages that start with 0x.

  • Driver_IRQL_ Not_less_or_Equal
  • Whea_uncorrectable_Error.

Type the exact error text to your search engine and try to find the solutions.

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