Solution to fix hp printer 49 service error

While working with your hp laserjet pro 400 printer, hp laserjet pro 200 printer or HP Page Wide printer, you may encounter certain error messages. One of the most common errors is the hp 49 service error. The error can occur due to a possible communication failure between the printer and the computer. This error code 49 may be accompanied by other numbers, but 49 generally means a firmware communication error.

When you give a print command to any HP printer model, HP tests the printer firmware before launch. This is done by HP to reduce the occurrence of 49 errors. However, there could be other reasons behind this problem that we will discuss in the next section. The error can be intermittent or persistent.

The intermittent error can be cleared by restarting the printer. On the other hand, continuous attempts to clear the intermittent error result in a persistent error and cannot be cleared by restarting the printer.

Why causes hp printer 49 service error ?

This particular error occurs when you give it a print command that the firmware is not capable or designed to handle it, then you may encounter this error. This happens when:

  • You try to print files using inappropriate or unsupported print commands.
  • The printer is interacting with something that is not appropriate to work with.
  • Network traffic is restricting the printer to print.
  • There are concurrent print jobs in a specific printing environment.
  • Invalid print commands
  • Transfer of corrupted data
  • Invalid operations
  • Registration errors

Steps to fix hp error 49:-

If you are still confused why you are getting this error then you can take the help of HP Printer Assistant which is a built-in print management software. Try the following steps to get rid of the error immediately:

  • You must first turn off the printer, and then turn it on again.
  • This will probably solve the problem. If not, continue with the next step.
  • Print an event log from your to see how often this error occurs.
  • In the case, if the event log shows a frequency of once a week, then you should not consider it as an alarming situation. If more, then it is cause for concern.
  • In case you see the error occur more times in a week, please make sure “Auto Recovery” is enabled.
  • You can do this by browsing to the control panel or from the Embedded Web Server (EWS).
  • In general, this feature is enabled by default and the power cycle process is done automatically. But, sometimes this may not be the case.
  • To enable “Automatic Recovery” mode.
  1. Select the ‘Administration’ option.
  2. Now, select ‘Management’ followed by ‘Settings’.
  3.  Click on ‘General’.
  4.  Tap on the ‘Auto-Recovery’ option.
  5.  Click on the ‘Enabled’ option and then click ‘Save’.