If your printer is not connected to your computer, do not worry. You can troubleshoot printer problems that do not easily connect to the solutions described in this article.

If you can not print to a network printer or are connected using Ethernet cables, try the two troubleshooting steps at the bottom to summarize the productive print. First, eliminate the probability of two causes as explained.

When a printer is frozen, not connected or turned off

Check if the printer is turned on and a green light on the back indicates an active network connection. If a printer is shared on the local network via physical connection cables to another PC, the Windows server system must appear on the login screen and be active first. If it does not respond or is frozen, restart the printer to enable it on the network.

Check PC is connected to the LAN :

Only if the computer is connected to the local network (LAN network) verify that it is connected to the local network by connecting the connection cables between the computer and the Ethernet port of the printer.

If you are trying to print from a remote network, make sure that a VPN connection has been established between a remote PC and the server system.

How to Enable Network Discovery :

your network configuration in Windows that influences whether the server PC can find other systems or if other PCs or devices within a LAN network can find the server PC.

However, if network discovery is disabled, a remote user may not be able to find available printers on the network. To enable it on Windows, click Start on the desktop, then enter the network and share the center to open it.

After opening the window in the Control Panel, click Change Advanced Settings at the top left and expand Home or Work (Current Profile). Under the Network Profile heading, select Enable Network Discovery, and then click Save Changes if prompted.

In the same way, file and printer sharing will also be enabled on the printer server so that other computers can access the printer drivers installed on the server. To do this, turn on Share Files and Printers in the Network and Sharing Center and click Save Changes when prompted. If the feature is not enabled, no one can connect to the server printers, including printers on the local network.

Connect network printer in Windows

  • Turn on your printer and Make sure that it is connected to the network.
  • Open the control panel.
  • Click on Hardware and Sound.
  • Double-click on the Add Printer icon.
  • Select Add a Bluetooth wireless network printer and click Next.
  • Let Windows search for the printer and, if necessary, select it and click Next. If the printer is not in the list,
  • Click The desired printer does not appear in the list and the password for the TCP / IP address.

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