Add a Printer to Your Chromebook

How To Install HP Printer Driver On Chromebook:-

HP printer must support Google Cloud Print or HP Print for Chromebook. If it is not supported, you will not be able to print from the printer. As for how to install an HP printer driver on a Chromebook, it is not required.

  • Use Google Cloud Print to print from your Chromebook. There is no need to download an HP Chromebook driver or software.
  • The printing method varies depending on the type of connection. If the printer supports a USB connection, connect the USB cable.
  • Use the HP Print for Chrome app to print from a Chromebook. Install the printer driver on your Chromebook according to the on-screen instructions, then run the application.
  • If your system uses a wireless network connection, you can use HP Print for Chromebook or Google Cloud Print to print.
  • Depending on the printer model, register it to Google Cloud Print. Look for the Google Cloud Print logo on the printer.
  • If the logo is available on the printer control panel, it supports Google Cloud Print.
  • To register your printer to Google Cloud Print, operate all devices connected to the wireless network. Make sure you have an active internet connection.
  • Connect your Chromebook and printer to the same wireless network. Make sure the wireless icon is fixed on the printer control panel.
  • Go to the Chrome browser, and log in to your Google account. In the Chrome menu icon, choose Settings from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the option to show advanced settings on the settings screen. Go to Google Cloud Print-> Manage Option. In it, please register your printer name in “New Devices” to learn how to install the HP printer driver on Chromebook.

Let’s Know How to Install HP Envy Printer Driver In Chromebook:-

I have connected the Envy printer to my Chromebook. The primary function of a printer is to print. To perform the job, you need to use the HP Print features for Chrome and Google Cloud Print. Both features are not required to install a printer driver in the device. If your printer is not connected to a network, the HP Print for Chromebook app helps you print. Here are the steps on how to register the printer name to a Chromebook.

  1. For a Chromebook, you are not required to install a printer driver on your Chromebook. Use the HP Print app for Chrome or Google Cloud Print.
  2. Registering the printer to Google Cloud Print is a matter of switching some settings.
  3. If the printer is connected to a system or a local wireless network, you need to access it via Google Print.
  4. Download and install the HP Envy Printer Chromebook Browser, if not installed. If available, open Chrome Browser How to Install HP Printer Driver on Chromebook Directory.
  5. Sign in to your Google account. Select the menu button. Go to the settings option.
  6. Choose Show advanced settings at the bottom of the screen. Select Sign in to Google Print account.
  7. This helps you to connect to your Google account and Google Print service. Add the name of your printer by choosing Add Printer.
  8. Choose to manage your printers. You can display the printer’s name on the left. Choose the name of the printer to start a print job.
  9. If your printer does not have a wireless connection, use the HP Print for Chromebook app.
  10. Download the application and install the HP Chromebook printer based on the on-screen prompts. Once installed, enable the app. Now, you can start printing.


Let’s Install HP Deskjet Printer Driver In Chromebook:-

For the Deskjet printer connected to your Chromebook, please register the printer name in the list of available devices. In some cases, you may not be able to display the printer name in the list. In such circumstances, move the printer and the system closer together. After that, go through the registration process again. For all these installs and registrations, it is not suggested to install the printer driver on Chromebook.

  • In order for a Deskjet printer to print, you must register your printer with Google Cloud Print Service.
  • You do not need to install the HP printer Chromebook driver or HP Chromebook printer software to access the feature.
  • Turn on the printer and a Chromebook. Make sure both devices are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Look for the Chrome browser on the system. Double click on it to open the browser.
  • Sign in to your Google account and then select the Chrome menu icon. Choose Show advanced settings.
  • Navigate to the Google Cloud Print option. On the printer’s network screen, select the Manage button.
  • Register the printer name, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete it.
  • In case the printer’s name is not registered, you can use HP Print for Chromebook. It is available for a USB connection.
  • Download and install the application on your Chromebook with the guide How to install the HP printer driver on Chromebook. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable the app.
  • You can use this application for both a USB connection and a wireless network connection. After that, start your print job.