hp laptop error codes Blink Codes

HP Laptop Error Codes

HP Laptop Error Blink Power-light Codes

If the laptop is still emptying the battery, leave it on, charge it, and restart it. If that does not solve the problem, press the power button while the device is turned off. Then press the ESC key on your keyboard, press F10. This should take you to the BIOS and restore menu of your device. You can reinstall Windows and run your PC again from this screen.

Bad Battery

If your battery had problems maintaining a charge before and will not start without the power cord, try another one. If the problem persists, you have a defective battery. You should replace the battery, you can buy one at an online retailer. Then follow this replacement guide.

Without power

If the machine does not turn on or shows nothing, the battery may not be charged. If this is the case, when plugging in the charger, the unit will operate normally. Then give the battery time to charge. You can say that charging is done by the flashing LED next to the charging port.

hp laptop error codes Blink Codes

Other common solutions for blinking LED problems:

  • Thoroughly check loose connections, then test memory
  • Carefully search for loose memory modules
  • Perform an automatic memory test is an essential recommendation of users

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