HP Laptop in safe mode-Windows 10

HP Laptop in safe mode-Windows 10:

If you’re having trouble with Windows on an HP EliteBook, HP Stream, or HP Pavilion, the first step is to boot into safe mode. Safe mode only downloads the necessary drivers and files. It is an easy way to get rid of variables as much as possible to ensure that the problem does not reach the baseline. The traditional way to enter safe mode is by booting and pressing F8 together on the desktop / laptop.

Using HP laptops in safe mode enables you to troubleshoot problems that you may have encountered in normal mode. When you start HP laptops in safe mode for Windows 10, Windows launches with a small set of drivers that makes the screen look different from normal.

Start HP Laptop in Safe Mode:-

Using Windows in safe mode helps you reduce the source of a problem and can help you troubleshoot problems on your desktop / laptop. If you want to start your HP laptop in safe mode, follow these easy steps.

  • If your laptop has an operating system installed, press and hold the F8 key while your laptop restarts. You must click F8 before the Windows logo appears. If the Windows logo appears, you should try again waiting until the Windows logo message appears and then shutting down and restarting your laptop.
  • If your laptop has more than one operating system, use the arrow keys to highlight the operating system you want to start in safe mode, and then click F8.
  • On the Advanced Boot Options screen, use the arrow keys to highlight the safe mode option you want, and then press Enter. Log in to your computer with a user account that has administrator rights.

Check this out if windows 10 safe mode does happen from bios :

Sometimes, you may need to start in Windows Safe Mode. You don’t need to worry as you can do this in simple steps.

  • You will find the “Power” button in the lower corner when you reach the login page. However, if there is no login page, the possibility is that your window is in bad condition, so it cannot boot in safe mode. You can look at the following options if this happens:

    HP Laptop in safe mode-Windows 10
    HP Laptop in safe mode-Windows 10
  • Requires Windows 10 recovery drive.
  • You will need to start the recovery engine and choose a keyboard layout.
  • Click the “Troubleshoot” option followed by “Advanced” and the command prompt.
  • At a command prompt, complete the following three commands and make sure to press enter after entering each command.
  • C
  • -Bcdedit / set (default) bootmenupolicy legacy
  • -exit
  • After completing the above steps, turn off laptop / desktop / computer.
  • Now you should launch the computer followed by pressing and launching F8 until you find advanced boot options that will be visible on your screen.
  • After that, you can select the “Safe Mode” option on the screen.

HP laptop in safe mode Using sign in screen :-

  • When you cannot override the settings to enter safe mode, please restart your desktop / laptop from the Windows login screen.
  • At the Windows login screen, hold down Shift while clicking Power> Restart
  • Once the laptop / desktop restarts and the “Choose Option” screen appears, select Troubleshoot> Advanced Options> Startup Settings> Restart.
  • You may be asked to complete a BitLocker recovery key.
  • After restarting your laptop / desktop computer, you will see a number of options. Select 4 or F4 to start the laptop in safe mode.