hp pavilion beeping on startup

hp pavilion beeping on startup

Generally startup beeping problem in HP pavilion laptop/Computer doesn’t occur so often yet it can happen sometimes.There are ways to fix the problem.

  • First Turn Off Your “HP Pavilion Laptop” and remove battery and power cable.
  • Open PC back RAM Socket Box.
  • Remove the “RAM and Clean” this pins.
  • Reinsert the RAM into the RAM Plug.
  • Sometimes RAM gets misplaced from it’s position.
  • Now, tap and hold the Power button for 15 sec simultaneously with power sources are removed.
  • It should reset the hardware in Of HP Pavilion Laptop.
  • Now to set the battery and power cable .
  • Turn ON the HP Pavilion Laptop Press on tap the F10 key.
  • This Option will load BIOS setup utility program.
  • Press F9 Function Key to load defaults setting.
  • Press F10 Key to save and exit the BIOS Setting.
  • When HP Pavilion Laptop boots, check to see if everything is working.

Some other Reason for HP Pavilion Laptop/Computer  having beeps at startup :

The reason for this is that there are some beeps for specific hardware so that you know what is the problem side.

If you only listen to a continent, then the problem is on your graphics card! Simply remove the graphics card and clean it with a little drying. Make sure you do not wet it. Then, when you finished with the cleaning and I did it, I mean to remove 100% of the dust from it and then replace it as it was.