HP Pavilion Laptop 3F0 error Code

HP Pavilion Laptop 3F0 Error Code

When starting the HP Pavilion Laptop, A 3F0 error show in Laptop Screen. And message displays hard drive cannot be detected.HP Pavilion Laptop Hard drive error is a normal boot error seen on the 3F0 HP Pavilion Laptop. In addition to this error code, they tell you that your HP Pavilion Laptop can not find a boot device.

The HP Laptop stops responding and shows: The 3F0 boot device was not found.

The main reason for this technical Error is, due to the misconfiguration of the Intel Optane memory.

Main Reason for Possible Hard Disk 3F0 Error :

  • Incorrect BIOS boot sequence
  • Corrupted disk partition
  • Boot sector virus
  • Loose hard drive connecting cable
  • Broken hard disk

Solution for this installed Optane memory and enabled

  • Run the Troubleshooting diagnostics Tools for This Error.
  • Restart the HP Pavilion Laptop.
  • Press F2 repeatedly during startup to enter the HP Laptop Hardware Diagnostics UEFI utility.
  • Choose the menu option Component Tests > Hard Drive > Quick Test.
  • Choose the drive C:
  • Click the Run Operation Once.
  • Once the test completes, results are displayed on the screen.

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