HP Pavilion Laptop Operating System not found or missing

“Operating System not found ” error HP Laptop screen on startup

Mainly Reason For This Error :

  • Bad BIOS configuration
  • BOOTMGR Corrupted
  • Hard Disk Physically Damaged
  • Faulty data cables

Solution for “Operating System not found” :

Steps 1 : Change/reset the BIOS configuration Setting :

  • Check the BIOS settings might be a good solution.
  • Restart the HP Laptop .
  • Press the necessary key to open the BIOS menu. Press ESC Key .
  • Choose the “BIOS setup” or “BIOS menu” Option.
  • Check the main BIOS screen to see if it detects the hard drive and the boot order to see if it is properly configured.

Steps 2:  Test the Hard Drive of Your Laptop

  • Connect the AC adapter to the HP Laptop.
  • Press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds to turn off the HP Laptop.
  • Hold down the F10 key while pressing the Power button to turn on the HP Laptop. Release the F10 key after text appears on the HP Laptop screen.
  • After the BIOS setup utility is displayed, use the right arrow key to select the Tools menu.
  • Select Hard Drive Self Test.
  • Press the Enter key to start the test.

Steps 3 :

Reinstall the Windows Operating System on the Laptop Hard Drive .

If You Should Not Do this Dial +1-800-608-2315 HP Laptop Customer Service Number For Help And Assistance .

HP Pavilion Laptop Operating System not found or missing

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