Printer Assistant Not Working

This post has been prepared for the issue related to  HP Printer Assistant not Working in Windows 10.

HP Printer Assistant is a managing software to set up the printer, scan, order supplies, check ink levels, and more. It comes with HP printers made after 2009.

Just after upgrading the computer from Windows 7 to 10, users might encounter a problem of the HP Printer Assistant not working.

After upgrading Windows, the printer information in HP Printer Assistant and Windows was lost.

This may occur because of the following reasons:

  • If something damages the HP Printer Assistant tool setup file.
  • There is a chance that the antivirus of your device thinks the assistant tool as a warning to the device.
  • It can be a cause if there are any pending updates available for the printer’s driver.

To fix such difficulties you need to reconnect printer or reinstall the drivers.

Reconnect your printer (Step 1 to solve the HP Printer Assistant not working)

  • Click on the printer icon on the desktop, this will show you the printer setup screen,
  • Now click on “connect a new printer”, and complete all the needed steps to reconnect the printer again.
  • Now try to reopen the printer assistant software, If you can open, the problem is corrected. But if not, you require to continue with the next step.

Uninstall HP printer software

(Step 2 to solve the HP Printer Assistant not working)

Uninstall the HP Printer software from the computer and next reinstall the driver. Observe the following steps:

  • Do sure USB cable is disconnected from the printer.
  • Soon open the control panel and click on Programs and Features.
  • From the listing of all program choose HP printer software, and click Uninstall
  • Then Restart the computer.

When the uninstalling of HP Printer software is finished, you need to download and install the refreshed version of the software from the official HP Website.

  • Visit the HP Official Site
  • As quickly as you click on the HP Official Site link, you will land to the page where you will be asked to identify your product,
  • You require to click on the printer, now just type the printer model number and click submit.

Disable Installed Antivirus
Many times the reinstalled antivirus of your device may think the HP Printer Assistant as a threat to the system. That’s why antivirus restricts the assistant tool to work efficiently. If your problem is in this area, then just disable the antivirus at the time of working in the printer.

After going through the report if you still can’t fix the issue, then feel free to call the HP Customer Support Toll-Free Number to take get solutions from expert technicians. In HP Customer Support We endeavor the best solution to get rid of the issues.

Assistant for HP Printer Model

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HP deskjet gt 5810HP deskjet 2600Officejet pro 8610
HP deskjet gt 5820HP deskjet 2630Officejet pro 8620
Deskjet 3050HP deskjet 3050 j610Deskjet 2135
HP Printer 6978HP Deskjet 1510Deskjet 2130
HP Printer 8715HP Printer 2620HP Printer 6970
HP Printer 7510HP Printer 8720HP Printer 3720
HP Printer 7610HP Printer 410HP Printer 3830
HP Printer 7612HP Printer 3630HP Printer 4650
HP Printer 7740HP Printer 3635HP Printer 5520
HP Printer 6700HP Printer 8710HP Printer 6830
HP Printer 3700HP Envy 7640HP Printer 6960
Printer Assistant for MacHP Printer Assistant MacHP Printer 6968

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