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Refund Policy

Refund Policy
You may cancel the Services at any time by providing realprinterfix247.us with a notice of your intent to cancel your services by sending a mail to support@realprinterfix247.us. You acknowledge that the cancellation will be effective from the beginning of the next month after you provide notification to realprinterfix247.us via the e-mail. realprinterfix247.us will provide you with email confirmation of both your request to cancel Services and the actual cancellation of Services. If you do not receive a confirmation of your request to cancel after sending an email or if you do not receive a confirmation of Service cancellation, you must notify realprinterfix247.us by sending an email to support@realprinterfix247.us or contacting realprinterfix247.us Customer Care by telephone.

You are entitled to receive 100% of your money back in case we are unable to solve even one your computer / peripherals related issues to your satisfaction, or not solved within the time frame promised to you. You must apply for this refund within 90 days of purchase of your plan. In order to avail the Money Back Guarantee, you are required to send a mail to support@realprinterfix247.us stating your name, details of the plan and the reason for seeking a refund. We would revert to you within 3 working days on details of your refund.

90 days Money Back Guarantee
You will receive refund or partial refund or any credits for any charges already billed to your account in proportion to the amount of time left in your subscription period. The time left in your account would be calculated to the nearest month left in your service period. For example if you have a 1 year subscription and you chose to cancel the subscription in the third month of service you would receive a refund for the nine months left in your service. A minimum of $49 would be deducted from each PC per year of subscription at the time of cancellation. So, if your subscription is for 2 years, the minimum deduction would be $98. There would be no refunds in case of incident based support if at least one of your issues has been successfully resolved. In case you have used our service and still file a chargeback, your account would become ineligible to receive a refund from us.

In case you have used our service and still file a chargeback, your account would become ineligible to receive a refund from us. In case you have file a chargeback without asking us for a refund, your account would become ineligible to receive a refund from us.

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