Printing is one common thing across all offices irrespective of the work we do. There is literally no office without a printer. But we all face some printing issues whenever we want a very important document to print. Here are some list of the HP printing problems and their solutions.

Problem #1: Paper jams & stuck issues

Paper jams are the most common problem we face while printing. This is also very irritable when we are in a hurry. Paper jams occur mostly because of placing the paper non aligned with the paper width guides in the HP printer Support.



 When a paper got stuck, cancel the print job and power off the printer.

  1. Now, open the top closure of the printer and remove the paper very carefully.
  2. Clean the debris.
  3. Open the paper width guides to the maximum.
  4. Stack the papers in the right alignment and set the paper width guides to the exact position touching the papers.
  5. Now close the printer door and print the document.
  6. Be sure to clean the printer then and now as a precaution for these paper jam issues.


Problem #2: Paper Feed Issue

When the paper in the paper tray is not fed by the printer, the printer might do the same noise as if it is printing. This happens due to dirty paper rollers, dust build up inside the hp all in one printer or no papers in the paper tray.


First and Foremost, this happens is because of the bad maintenance. Some rare cases this problem can happen because of software bugs. Clean the printer once or twice every month and stack the papers properly to be free from this issue.

Problem #3: Printhead failure

The printhead is the part of the cartridge which is responsible for being a medium through which the ink hits the paper. Because of ink drying, and longer time non-usage of the printers, the print job will have some troubles like ink smudging or low-quality print. This is known as the print head failure.

  1. The printhead can be cleaned automatically.
  2. On the printer display, Go to the Tools menu and select Clean Printhead.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to clean the printhead.
  4. For the printers that don’t have this feature, open the printer door, wait till the cartridge stays idle.
  5. Remove the cartridge with a downward push.
  6. Clean the print head (ink nozzle) with a clean cotton swab and then reinsert the cartridge and do the print job again.


Problem #4: Dried up ink

This is another common problem that everyone faces. The dried up ink is not a big issue and can be easily solved.

HP printing problems and their solutions
HP printing problems and their solutions


  1. Using the Clean Print-head feature of the printer, the dried up inks can get melted and clogging can be unclogged.
  2. If the problem persists, then remove the cartridge from the printer.
  3. Take a cotton swab and dip it in hot water.
  4. Swatch it across the ink nozzle and do it until you see the ink on the cotton saw.
  5. This will definitely unclog the ink.


Problem #5: Unable to print using cloud print

Cloud print is a wonderful feature available in the HP printers. Using the network connection and the printer’s unique email address, we can print from anywhere anytime. If you are unable to print using the cloud print feature, check the following solution.


  1. Firstly check whether the printer is connected to the home network properly.
  2. Also, check whether the internet connection is enabled and working.
  3. Now check whether you have given the correct printer Email address.
  4. If you have given the correct Email address then check the size of your attachment if the attachment is more than 25mb then the print will not take place.
  5. If you have checked and corrected the above points, do the print again from the beginning using the cloud print feature.
  6. The printer will print the document.

Problem #6: Unable to print web pages and emails properly.

If you are unable to print the web pages at emails properly it might be because of the temporary files like cookies and a lot of junk files on the computer.  this problem can occur even because of using dated software, by updating the software on the computer this problem can be omitted.


  1. On the computer, delete all the junk files like cookies, history and old data files.
  2. on the web browser go to settings and reset all settings to default.
  3. Go to Control panel and open Devices and Printers window.
  4. check whether the printer that is being in use is set as default printer, if not set it as the default printer.
  5. Following the above steps will ensure that the web pages and email will be printed properly.


Problem #7: Unable to print using the wireless feature

The wireless feature in the HP printers has been a boon to frequent printer users. This feature has opened the gate for many possibilities like the EPrint, AirPrint, Cloud Printing and so on. One of the biggest issues that users face is the hindrance to this wireless feature.



  1. By ensuring the connection between the printer to the home network and the mobile device, the inability to using this feature can be corrected.
  2. Sometimes because of poor internet connection, this can happen so Check internet connection again and we use this feature.


Problem #8: Unable to print using Android smartphone

Printing from a smartphone is a very easy task. It enables people to print wirelessly with just a tap at their fingertip. Due to some reasons, the print job from the Android device won’t happen.



  1. On the Android Smartphone, install or Update the HP Print Service Plugin from Google Play store.
  2. Check whether the Smartphone and printer are in the same home network.
  3. Once both the above things are checked, print the document from the smartphone again.
  4. Now the printer will print without any problem.
Problem #9: Cancelling the documents in the print queue

Sometimes because of the power outage, the documents that are in the queue will be listed as pending. This is the most common problem that everyone one of us face when there is a low power issue related to the printer. By finding an external backup power to the printer this issue can be stopped from occurrence.

  1. On the computer login as the administrator and Go to Start → Control Panel →Administrative Tools.
  2. Double click on Services icon and right click on the Print Spooler Service and select Stop.
  3. Now go to “: C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\PRINTERS” this directory and delete all the files.
  4. Please make sure that there are not any other print jobs in use by the shared devices.
  5. This deletion will clear all the print queues.
Problem #10: Vertical & Horizontal lines on the printed paper

The vertical and horizontal lines on the printed paper may happen because of physical damages in the cartridge or because of dried up ink and low ink levels.


Replace the cartridge, because the fuser component in the cartridge would have gone bad. In case of any damages to the rollers in the printer, give the printer for service.

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