Solutions To Common Canon Printer Issues

In today’s age of the technical world, the printing press has become an essential part of our offices and home. There are many different brands that make printing devices, with Canon being the most popular. Canon printer offers a wide range of advanced functions and also provides fast print, copy and scan services. But it’s also the fact that, like all machines, printers also face some technical problems. At that point, partnering with technology experts is the best option to solve your printer problems. When you contact them, you will get effective Canon printer troubleshooting guides in a cost effective way. In a couple of seconds, your printer problems, whether nasty or easy, will be rooted out.

Canon printer some common solutions:-

The printer does not print:

It seems obvious, but try to check if the printer is properly connected and turned on. The machine starts printing after the POWER light comes on and is not blinking. Also, delays are experienced when printing materials with many photographs or graphics. Once again, wait for the ON lamp to stop flashing. Printing starts once the lamp is fixed. Sometimes the presence of undeleted print jobs is the culprit. Delete these print jobs from the queue. Then try printing your material again.

Slow printer :-

A slow-running printer is one of the most common printer problems. This usually occurs when the equipment is set up to print high-quality results. An easy way to speed up your printer’s performance is to reduce the print quality or change the setting to draft mode. Doing this will not only improve the speed of your printer, but it will also help you save ink or toner. Another way to improve the printing speed of your computer is to omit the graphics, if you are printing website pages.

Paper jam :-

There is a warning message or an alarm that notifies you when a paper is jammed in your printer. The first thing you should do is turn off the printer and unplug it. Then, without touching the film or rail, carefully remove the jammed paper. Make sure there are no pieces of paper inside.

Faded or very light prints :-

A poor print quality problem is usually caused by a clogged print head. Dry ink is often the main cause of blockage, something quite common in inkjet printers that are not used frequently. In addition to being too light, prints may also have horizontal lines or be too uneven. You can clean dried ink with the printer utility program. After running the program, print a test page to see if the problem is resolved.

Alert “Out of Paper” Appears

When the “Out of Paper” error appears even if there is paper in the printer, there may be a foreign object in the rear tray. Turn off and unplug the printer; then remove the object.

The problem can also be caused by the paper not being loaded correctly in the machine. When loading paper, make sure the edges of the paper sheets are aligned. The paper must also be loaded in the portrait orientation.

Sometimes the error appears because the paper is curled, wrinkled, or too thick. Try replacing the paper. Also, make sure that the paper you are loading matches the paper size setting of the file that is being printed. Lastly, try cleaning the paper feed roller to solve this problem.

Print is not complete

Sometimes printing stops in the middle of the job. This is not unusual, especially if you are printing photos or graphics-intensive materials or files. When this happens, the machine and computer may be processing large data. When processing is finished, printing resumes.

Let your machine rest for a while. If the printer does not resume printing on its own, turn it off for at least 15 minutes. If this still doesn’t work, it’s best to call a professional printer maintenance service provider for an accurate assessment of the cause of the problem. ( The Canon Service Helpdesk is at +1-800-551-9606).