User Intervention Required Error Solution

‘User Intervention Required’ Error Solution

A user intervention message appears on the computer and the printer does not print. This problem is caused by a printer error, damaged print jobs, or poor printer wireless connection. HP Printer can cause a frustrating effect as if an error occurred while trying to print a document at home or in the office. The main reason for this is that most people still print something they really need today and when they get there, they always expect things to go smoothly, which is not always the case. The offline printer error is not the only thing that can make you desperate in this way; there is a more annoying problem that many printer users have seen recently. This is an error message that contains the word “Printer Needs User Intervention“.

Step 1: Verify that the lights or error messages are flashing

If there is no flashing light or error message on the printer control panel, go to the next step.

If the printer control panel has blinking lights or error messages, clear the error. For additional information for further troubleshooting ,the specific error message that displays on the printer control panel.

Delete the print queue for Printing

When you send a print job to the printer, the file is created in Windows. Sometimes these files are damaged and cause problems. Removing print queues can solve the problem.

You need to first start over the print job. Go to Control Panel, “Hardware and Sound “Option .Select “View Device and Printers

Choose the active printer, After That Right click on the Active Printer select the option See what’s printing.

User Intervention Required

Clear the print queue

  • Press the Key the Windows + R key Open the Run command, typing in services.msc, Enter.
  • In the list of services, find the Print Spooler program.
  • Right-click Print Spool, and then click Stop.
  • After the service is stopped, close the service window.
  • Locate Windows in C: and then click Windows in the list of results.
  • Double-click the System-32 folder, and then double-click the spool folder.
  • Double-click the PRINTERS folder.
  • Delete all files in the folder.
  • Try printing.

User Intervention Required Error Solution

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